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Texas School Survey

Our annual Regional Needs Assessments (RNAs)  include much data from the biennial Texas School Surveys. 

What is the TSS?

The Texas School Survey of Drug and Alcohol Use (TSS) has been conducted in Texas schools since 1988. The survey covers the prevalence of substance use, factors affecting youth substance use, and students’ attitudes toward substance use. It is implemented by the Public Policy Research Institute at Texas A&M University. The Texas School Survey includes grades 7-12.

Why participate in the TSS?

The Texas School Survey provides state and local agencies with data to quantify local drug and alcohol use, as well as provide guidance on the best means to address the problem. The questions assess where the students get most of their information on drug and alcohol use and where they say they would turn for help with a substance problem. These data help identify which sectors of the community can most effectively unite to combat student substance use.


It produces factual data to replace speculative and sensational information.

At the community level, the survey helps estimate the extent to which student substance use is primarily a “school problem.” Some research indicates that much drug and alcohol use is centered not in the schools, but instead takes place after school hours and away from school grounds.


Administered over an extended period of time, the survey is an effective tool to evaluate the impact of special substance abuse prevention and education programs.


The Texas School Survey is designed to be responsive to questions of specific interest to Texas’ educators, policymakers, parents, and community groups.

What questions does the TSS answer?

1.     What types of drugs and alcohol are students using?

2.     How much do they typically consume, and how often?

3.     How often do students drive after using drugs or alcohol?

4.     How often are drugs and alcohol used at parties?

5.     Where do the students get most of their information about drugs and alcohol?

6.     Who would students turn to if they needed help?


An additional 30 questions can be added to the TSS from the school or school district. These 30 questions will need to be reviewed and formatted by the Public Policy Research Institute at Texas A&M. These additional questions may help schools discover if hallway rumors are true. Are students really buying drugs from the fast food restaurant across the street from campus? How many students are abusing drugs during an extracurricular school function?

What is the cost?

 If your school is selected by random sampling, the survey is FREE  for you. You will also receive a $500 participation incentive.

A fee would be charged if you want to opt in when not selected by random sampling. The fee covers the cost of data analysis and your District Level Report. Individual schools are randomly selected for sampling. Each sampled school will be contacted by Texas A&M. We strongly encourage survey participation.

Does your school qualify?

Help Texas students by identifying what and where services are needed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the TSS, please don’t hesitate to call Texas A&M’s research advocate at (979) 845-1922 or the PRC Data Coordinator at (432) 580-5100.

If your school is interested in taking the survey and has not been sampled – then you may do so!


District Level Report and Custom Analyses:

  • Districts with no schools in State Sample – $100 Basic Participation fee + $1.25/student/paper-pencil or $0.50 online

  • Districts with at least 1 school in State Sample – $100 Basic Participation Fee + $0.75/student/paper-pencil or $0.25 online


How to Enroll in the TSS


Find more information and TSS contact info at:

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