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Weekly County Spotlight - Crane County

Crane County is located just south of Ector County in West Texas. The population as of the last census was 4,375. The city of Crane is the county seat of Crane County and its population as of the last census was 3,353. This county, like many other counties in West Texas, has an economy dominated by the oil and gas industry. Due to the close proximity of Ector, Midland, Reeves, and Upton counties, many of the individuals in Crane county commute to other nearby counties to work in the oil and gas industry as housing in many of these nearby counties has risen substantially with crude oil prices.

Results from the 2017 Regional Needs Assessment revealed Crane County had 58 alcohol-related violations in 2016. These violations include drunkenness, DWI, and liquor law violations. Drunkenness, otherwise known as public intoxication, occurs when a person appears in a public place while intoxicated to the degree that the person may endanger him/herself or someone else. These offenses make up a considerable amount of the crime in Crane County. When these crimes are combined with felony drug offenses, they comprise almost 70% of the crime in Crane County.

As a rural county, resources for individuals with an Alcohol addiction are few and far between. Even in the larger, nearby communities of Odessa and Midland, resources may be difficult to find for people who are struggling with addiction.

At the Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, we encourage individuals to be empowered to speak up when someone they know or love is struggling with an addiction. Be aware of some of the signs of Alcohol Addiction (i.e., Alcohol Use Disorder):

  • Drinking more, or for a longer period, than intended.

  • Have tried to cut back or stop and have been unable to.

  • Spent a lot of time sick (i.e., hungover) from drinking.

  • Have to drink more to feel the same effects.

  • Having difficulty at work, in relationships, at school, etc. because of drinking.

If you or someone you know is struggling, there are a number of resources available, even if you are in a rural area.

  • Lubbock AA Hotline (24 Hours) - (806)741-8780

  • Monahans Oficina Intergrupal Noroeste de Texas - (432)208-8335

  • Narconon Hotline (24 Hours) - 1 (888) 821-7750

In addition to these numbers, there are a wealth of other hotlines available to all families or individuals in need. Please visit to learn about all of the resources available to anyone with a phone.

Camden Mize

Published June 12, 2018.



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