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Regional drug seizures soar in 2015

A wide variety of drugs were seized in Region 9 in 2015. Of the 3,374 doses of tranquilizers that were seized in Region 9 in 2015, Tom Green County reported seizing 3,341 of those doses. Midland seized almost 68% of the total synthetic marijuana in Region 9. In 2015, officials seized 3,034 pounds of marijuana in Region 9, and 2,224 pounds were seized in Pecos County alone. Pecos County has historically been a hot bed of activity for marijuana seizures. In 2014 over 500 pounds were seized in one bust in Pecos County.[i] As a result of a slowing oil economy, drug usage is perceived to be up, according to data from the Texas School Survey. Perceptions seem to be realities throughout Region 9 in that drug seizures increase more than 10% from 2014 rates.

According to interviews with officials throughout Region 9, meth has been indicated as the drug that law enforcement officers worry about most. Meth has serious mental and physical effects on its abusers. Officials cite the aggressive nature of individuals under the influence of meth as one of their main concerns. Medical and physical concerns are almost impossible to address when an individual is incarcerated because the aggressive nature of these clients make it impossible to be held in a hospital where security is limited. Although the seized rates for meth were moderate in Region 9, meth is on the forefront of the minds of officials.

By Kevin Thompson Regional Evaluator Region 9 Prevention Resource Center

[i] Alpine Daily Planet, Pecos County Sheriff’s Office seizes 500 pounds of marijuana during traffic stop, February 24, 2014,, February 2016.

Published August 9, 2016.



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