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All youth drug prevention curriculums implemented in schools and community sites are evidenced-based and provide facts about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. These facts help students set goals and make good decisions for their life. Curriculum lessons give students skills that include managing emotions, communicating, making friendships, developing social skills, analyzing media messages, and dealing with peer pressure. It is our goal to help build self-efficacy and become positive role models while implementing curriculum at community sites.

Curriculum includes:

  • All Stars-Ector County for 6-8th grade

  • Project Towards No Drug Abuse-Midland County 9-12th grade

  • Positive Action-Martin/Howard County for 6-8th grade

  • Positive Action- Midland County for 5-6th grade

Community Activities

Community partnership is a major part of youth drug prevention. Impact seeks to partner with schools, agencies, recreational parks, etc. to take part in educational, cultural, recreational, and work-oriented substance-free activities to meet the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and cultural needs of the community.​​


  • Empower students to make healthy choices

  • Equip students with facts, truth and life-skills

  • Challenge media and social media’s influence on decision-making

  • Instruct and inform students about the effects of substance abuse

  • Provide a safe, open, and interactive environment

  • Encourage students to interact with their school and their community

  • Promote parental involvement

  • Provide relevant up-to-date information and data

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Impact Youth serves Odessa, Midland, Martin, and Howard counties.

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